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(no subject) [Nov. 10th, 2005|07:44 am]
Woo, got a pic of us at thorpe at last ^_^.

Its got ben with the hair, me, MMD and other people who i am now firm friends with! In the background features a broken down tidal wave, and right at the back is Stealth.. I soo cannot wait til next year, look at its height! :|
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(no subject) [Oct. 21st, 2005|08:14 am]

Woo, best state school in east sussex for A levels.. i know where i want to be going ;).
Quickly looking down, uckfield is below us just (suck on that rob), beacon is doing ok, apart from it being kinda horrible there (go there every thurs evening), uplands is further down (druggy school).. then onto the chav schools with hailsham being really low and hastings being one of the lowest! *loves it*
Now to show this to rob :P
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(no subject) [Oct. 6th, 2005|03:48 pm]
"I arrived with 3 mates at about 1pm, traffic was invisible and a normal 45 minute trip was wittled down to half an hour. After my friends paid 24 quid for a ticket to get in and I paid a tenner on a really random ticket I got off a mate we began the usual walk across the bridge which manages to make you see all the major rides in one look ie. nemesis inferno, collussus and tidal wave and of course samurai - (Recently moved from chessington world of adventures). As a thorpe park addict you start to realise that Thorpe Park isn't the safest place when its open at night. Anyhow back on with the review- I started off with lunch at KFC which at that time on a fright nite was empty as the park is only 1/4 full at about 10 to 1pm. A tip I would give is to get to the park as early as you can get in all the rides and just try tidal wave at the end of the day. After eating a ringer burger jumping on to inferno we got onto the rumba rapids where fun was had by all.

Then it got to get dark....Gangs of teenagers roam the park along with security and police but mainly CSO's and the odd man in riot gear outside the freezer....

What is the freezer you ask?
Allow me to begin....As we strode up prepared for a 2hr que we were given an ultra-violet hand scan to check we hadn't already been on and joined the que. Halfway through the que which leads around the unused kiddys stage is a lovely wax model of a dead man with guts and bones where normally Freddy Fox presents the play on sharing with friends...

After about 1 and a half hours we came up and got in lines of 2 to 5. By this time I was practically peeing myself and made sure I was in the middle. We all thought the 'actors' in there would be in cages. The trauma has left me shaking while I write this.
We entered into a long white corridor and a poster of a blood spattered arrow pointed us into the maze. We entered the dimly lit maze with only strobe lighting to guide us. We were guided around the maze holding onto each others tops as directed by staff. By now there was an air raid siren going off and random screams. All 4 of us walked STRAIGHT into a mirror and screams were shouted all about.
We then turned a corner and found our first actor, he was swinging a chain and had a blood splattered shirt he then said ''im going to F****ing kill you".

We needed to walk past him so quickly trotted past onto our next actor. A cackling women who snuck up behind us, by this time I was whimpering like a girl....She chased us towards a fire exit but after she saw what could happen she kind of ran in the right direction....
We followed her and came to the image that haunts our mind as we turned round the corner a type of lookey-likey of that bloke with the spikes coming out of his knuckles in Xmen (woflgang?) and he exclaimed ''im gonna f****ing stab you in the heart'' I ran and ran until I had actually lost my freinds and just stood there will they caught up. Then as we saw a couple of last actors and had to walk through hanging 'dead bodies' an actor jumped out and said 'feeling a bit sqeamish?'. This was the one actor who I laughed in his face. Then the last two actors one completely egg head man that slowly walked towards me with good effect of strobe lighting and a trickle of blood from his head (gun shot wound). And then the chainsaw man, he was at the end so had a chair to rest on they had replaced the blade with a plastic one so you could really 'smell' the petrol. And as we were walking down the corridor which we thought was all over he managed to creep up behind us and pull it one last time. I ran straight past the whole que whimpering like a girl.
Are you going this year? I am!"

Thats making me uber nervous about fright nights this year, yet want me to go more! :D
Also -


*cries*.. luckily that happened a long time ago..
and FINALLY, you HAVE to watch this <3... http://media.putfile.com/Thorpe_Park <- One of the best videos EVER :P

More of a proper post coming later if i can be bothered.
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(no subject) [Sep. 27th, 2005|10:50 pm]
What your father never told you about women

By Bob Strauss

Our dads taught us lots of useful stuff growing up-how to take free kicks, what to wear to your first job interview, why never to mix vodka and bourbon — but somehow, when it comes to women, they never quite managed to impart all of their hard-won knowledge (that is, if they ever had any in the first place). To help correct this unfortunate oversight, here's a list of things us guys usually have to learn without (or despite) parental guidance:

A woman—like an elephant—never forgets. Okay, maybe that’s not the metaphor to use if you ever discuss this topic with your girlfriend. But the fact is, anything that impinges even the teensiest bit on the emotional nerve centre of a woman’s brain — a casual joke you made 10 years ago, that anniversary present you gave her that didn’t quite measure up to the one she gave you — will lodge in her cerebral cortex for the rest of her life, available for full-colour 3-D recall at a moment’s notice.

You can't always buy your way out of an argument. I don't know about you, but present-giving (mainly from dad to mum) was always a big thing in my suburban household, and while it may occasionally have bought a peaceful respite, most often it was a holding maneuver until the real cause of the fight had been dug up and extinguished. The lesson: go ahead and buy those dozen roses (or, if you've really messed up, those diamond earrings), but don't expect that to be the end of the story.

Women can be a bit, er, irrational. Your dad never came straight out and said so — even if the two of you were on a father-son camping trip 500 miles away from home — probably because he couldn't trust you (or any kid, for that matter) not to repeat this little gem in front of the wrong person. So the next time your girlfriend dumps a plate of linguini in your lap or calls your mobile at work to accuse you of not loving her, you'll know who to thank for being unprepared.

For women, form is more important than function. You can turn yourself inside-out explaining that the laptop you just bought has an awesome 512Mb of RAM and a 64-speed CD burner; your girlfriend will simply wonder why it comes in that horrible puce-and-magenta colour scheme. This fact also explains your mate’s strange obsession with coasters (an unsightly dinner table being a far worse disaster than a PC with insufficient memory) and her possession of 78 different shades of red lipstick.

To women, being the "breadwinner" doesn't cut it any more. Way back in the mist-shrouded TV-sitcom landscape of the '60's and '70's, it was taken for granted that men worked during the day and women stayed home with the kids (or the knitting circle). Even though that hasn't been true for a generation, lots of guys still operate on the dad-derived assumption that because they work (or because they bring home more money), they don't have to get their hands dirty at home. Wrong. If your dad wasn't the pitching-in type, it's time to shake yourself free of that paternal influence and reforge yourself into a can-do guy of the '00's.

Oh the greatness of women ;).
Reminds me, my mum was moaning about the state of the yard at work, so i spent an hour cleaning it.. in the dark! I hope she's happy with it! (in other words, i was bored and had nothing to do, so cleaned the yard so its now perfect)
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(no subject) [Sep. 21st, 2005|10:39 pm]
Meh, not been that happy, not talkative tonight, as most of you should have realised.
Telling. She has pissed me off totally, but i'm soo tired i cant be bothered to write anymore about her than my sister has her now, and they were annoying her like hell today. She told them to sit under the tables (rather than sit with legs under the tables), so they obeyed and pissed her off. Good.
ICT - Anyone do homework? No. Ha. We designed some stuff, and i went a bit OTT and shown how the whole system will work and go together, yay!
Science - Physics, ben has to sit with us again now, he's improved since last year, and either ignores me or i ignore him. Both work and we dont annoy each other. yay.
Maths - boring as hell, we've moved on a bit to cover some stuff i remember doing in year 5. wow.
Lunch - hmm, interesting. Sat listening to kaiser chiefs the majority of the time (after giving up with gorillaz)
Form - We were told the computers are nice to have, but someones been 'breaking' off the flaps on the machines (dell things, they have plastic things over the usb ports and headphone jack at the front) *cough*. Meh, it was fun accidently pulling them off, or delibrately doing it in anger. Pff. Afterwards Alex decided to try and push me down the stairs, so at the bottom i slammed her into the lockers, where she decided to dig her nails in me. My right wrist now has tonns of red deep marks where they were. Looks like i've had some hideous disease.. yum.
History - covered some public health stuff for a lesson, as thats what we have to write about for paper 2 this year in GCSE. Watched a short 10min thing of what the victorians did for us. I loved those, but i remember it taking over the simpsons on bbc2 for a bit before channel 4 took up the contract.
Bus - better than yesterday, ASDA is back. Thats about it
I'm tired, i'm pissed off, i want miss struthers back for english.. meh. Fuck you Telling. *goes to bed*
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(no subject) [Sep. 18th, 2005|08:00 pm]
www.swiftcover.com Click click, dont cluck cluck advert! I'm sure everyone in the UK has seen this by now, surely?
i forgot to add, everyone hates Kelly Larkin! Rory has her in his screen name now, lol.. noone at work likes her and noone at school really likes her either, she's really unlikeable. Lol! We always have fun saying how much we hate her (me, rory and hannah were talking about her today at work, even though she was right near us, lol).. poor thing. Not our fault she makes herself unlikeable now, is it?
Grr, i might actually talk to holly now, dunno why i'm not, actually i will now, try and not talk about thorpe park *keeps that in head*
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(no subject) [Sep. 18th, 2005|06:31 pm]
[mood |blahblah]
[music |Samurai ride music (better than the loading music ;).. ish)]

Mm, works been fun. Stuff has happened before today, but i wont tell you because you wont read it.
Not that you're gonna read this today, but anyway.. cycled up to work today, with the tyres fully pumped up, omg.. how easy is it to cycle now? Answer: Very. I could even catch up with Rory (who lives 2 1/2 miles away from me, its a 9mile journey for him to get up and back from work).. he always rushes ahead.
Got to work, very worn out, drank a few pints of water. Started working, got fed up with the radio, so turned Zen on, and had it on random play all (played it from 11am to 4.40 constantly).. pretty good music on my Zen, some of the stuff i haven't listened to for a while, and all of them have memories (like the streets - addicted (i hate that song now) reminded me of when i had that 1KG bar of cadbury chocolate, phew).
Walked out into the bar (purely for a bit of a walk), and got a shock to see that Hannah was talking to me! :O. She never ever talks to me, just looks over, well she does talk to me, but not full conversations.. found out what music she liked, she found out what music i liked (she had her ipod mini, eurgh).. chatted some more, before remembering i had left rory to do everything, so quickly filled up a couple of pints of water (i've been allowed to use the bar pumps and everything for about 2 weeks now, its fun! Although i'm sure the novelty will wear off soon).
The rest of work was pretty boring, i just sang my way through work (placebo, blink 182, SOAD, Rammstein, Korn, the Magnetic fields to name a few artists i sang to), danced through a bit as well, shame only one Gorillaz song came on whilst i was at work (feel good inc though, so it was a good song :P)..
After work i chatted to Fee again, and she was like 'yuh, we want your mum to work here, we have tonns of choices for what she can do, as we just like.. need people'. I had gone through this convo with Kev before, only to have him say 'I'll tell Fee'...
Cycled home, caught up with a car on the way back which was inbetween me and rory (from the pub, there is a STEEP downhill and then we have to cycle uphill until the prince of wales/heathfield wine stores/Station Road (the road with the tree gone, and the new crossing and cuckoo trail etc).. which is all downhill, which you should have seen if you bothered to look at the photo. Past the Vauxhall garage, up my hill, at home.. yay!
Sat here, thats as far as i've got, even though i've been home for the past erm.. 2 hours?

Now to get round to talking to holly, i've been staring at her on my contact list for ages, oh i wish she would start convos sometimes..
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(no subject) [Sep. 17th, 2005|11:56 pm]
[mood |blahblah]
[music |Kansas - The point of no return]

so much to say, yet so little time..
Work was erm, boring to start off with, then got out my Zen and it suddenly turned great.
Found out where Ollys been, he's currently skiving off work, git.
Found someone who likes my hair (real life this is), my boss at work! Yay! ONE person in real life likes it, now i'm gonna keep it! Seriously :P
Other stuff, dads car like exploded. No, went on a flat tyre and it was very bouncy and crap. More has happened, just will comment on them tomorrow about 5, if i want to.

EDIT: Thanks holly for not replying to me last night, made my day.. -_-. Meh
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(no subject) [Sep. 15th, 2005|09:32 pm]
It's guess the music time!
Guess number 1
Guess number 2
Guess number 3

Now, listen to all of them, hopefully all the way through. Then COMMENT. Leave which ones you like the best, and if you know the music.. tell me it!
There's no lyrics, but its just dudey music.. so join in! :D (btw, the links dont help.. i've renamed them, lol)
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(no subject) [Sep. 6th, 2005|01:19 pm]
[mood |blahStill blah (holly issues..)]
[music |Gorillaz - DARE :D]

EDIT: Eels video is on myspace later today! Shall be doing yet another post when its ready, lol... Lol, boredom kicked in again, so i've decided to take a photo of my desk and play 'try and work out how much crap i've got in that pic' by myself :D. If you notice anything i missed, to tell (this is for if you're bored as well ^_^)...

Right, lets start:
1. Blinds
2. Middle speaker on windowsill
3. Blind thing covering cupboard with no door
4. Cardboard box in which my monitor came in
5. Plastic Rubbish
6. Toilet roll and tonns of used bits (i have no bin, so when i blow my nose i throw them there, ok? :P)
7. Horrible historys magazine with bit ripped off (hitting daddylonglegs with it.. muhaha)
8. Left Speaker
9. Pen holder holding random whiteboard pens
10. Kettle Lead hanging out of box.
11. Bunnykins moneybox (stores only 2ps :P)
12. Age of Empires 2 + conqueuers edition box
13. Flash Stick Installation Disk
14. Flash Stick
15. Flash Stick Neck Holder Thingy
16. Hampton Court Reciept, which i bought a water all to myself to piss everyone off.
17. Conqueuers disk (couldn't be bothered to put it in case, as it has stuff on it)
18. The best of Kansas CD (after ripping it to play constantly and give to george)
19. 2 A perfect circle CDs with some brown paper inbetween (dunno why...)
20. Business Studies folder (for school, business studies believe it or not (no burning books this year, need them for next ;)))
21. Dilbert Book, upside down.. the title 'Always postpone meetings with time-wasting morons'.
22. Terminator DVD
23. Windows 98 installation disks and stuff (to fix sisters pc, but never got round to it)
24. Another plasticy rubbish thing
25. A ginsters cornish pasty wrapping, also rubbish :P
26. The bit ripped off of the horrible histories magazine..
27. A box for the flash stick thingy
28. Kaiser Chiefs inside thingy (laying underneath the flash box thingy, but you can see it)
29. Penguin wrapper, rubbish.. thats been there for a while :P
30. Gorillaz - Demon Days CD.
31. Zen Touch with broken earphones laying ontop of it.
32. Wireless Keyboard
33. Wireless Mouse.
34. Purple big plastic cup for drinks (apart from hot ones, which goes into some thorpe park/disney mug)
35. Grolsh Big bottle thing (for storing 1ps and 5ps)
36. Some Black thing which i dont know what its for
37. A little bit of a virgin mobile 'welcome' book.... dunno why i have that there
38. Fat-pete.co.uk letters which i got through the post some time back...
39. Eels - blinking lights and other revelations CD..
40. Canon digital camera box..
41. Plate.. (i only use the white ones as i hate ones with patterns on, they look old and messy and stuff, eurgh :P).. got a bit of jam sandwich left on it.... now it doesn't... eurgh, stale.
42. Webcam
43. The Magnetic Fields - I album..
44. Right Speaker
45. Bed
46. Grey Pillow on bed
47. My Penguin!!! (*loves her*)
48. Linx unlimited fragrance, i've been using that one the most often right now..
49. Wire going up to bed for volume control which doesn't like working properly (i sleep with music on, so if i wake up and its too quiet/loud i adjust it :P).
50. The monitor! I forgot about that, showing erm.. what i have open which is.. firefox in the background showing ebay, 2 msn convos (one with embee, one with pepper), WMP and thunderbird, and thats it..

So yeah, 50 things in a tiny space, omg... thats quite a bit!
Please, if you're bored.. check over these and make sure i got all of the items ;).
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